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Spanish lessons

Children undertake daily Spanish lessons at Plantpots Jesmond as we are privileged to have a native Spanish speaker as our Early Years Teacher. 

There is much evidence to show that children who grow up learning a foreign language - starting as early as three years old - benefit hugely.


Among the benefits are:

It is easier to learn and become more fluent in foreign languages at a young age 

Children are developmentally ready to learn a foreign language and fluency comes fairly easily, quickly and without an accent.

Cognitive improvements

Better problem solving skills, critical thinking skills, flexibility

of mind, multi-tasking abilities, more creativity and enhanced

memory are all associated with learning a foreign language at

a young age.

Higher academic achievement

Due to the cognitive improvements mentioned above, children

are therefore more likely to perform better academically.

Bilingual children have been shown to have higher math skills

and test scores.


Cultural awareness

Learning a foreign language can help children to have a deeper understanding or the world and different cultures around them, which inevitably enriches their own lives.

Tennis lessons

At Plantpots Jesmond we are privileged to be based on the same site as The Northumberland Club who kindly allow us access to its facilities to enable the children to take part in fun tennis sessions.

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